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Connect with Your Audience

Share your profile, improve customer experience, and increase engagement by adding QR codes to all your collateral and campaigns.

How to Make a QR Code

1. Generate
Open the QR code generator, enter a URL, and tap Create QR Code. The image instantly changes to show your new QR code. Pro tip: paste in the URL rather than typing it in the field. That way, it's sure to be correct.

2. Customize Your QR Codes
Personalize the style and color of your QR codes to align with your brand identity. Consider creating multiple versions in various formats to track scans and gather usage statistics.

3. Download with Ease
Select your preferred file type and effortlessly download your QR code image. Whether you need an SVG (vector file), JPG, or PNG, resize your QR code without compromising its resolution.

Create Eye-catching QR Codes

QR codes are ubiquitous! With smartphones equipped with built-in QR code scanners, potential clients and contacts are eager to scan your company details. Customize your QR code to reflect your brand or personality—adjust the style and experiment with colors. Choose your preferred file format for download and easy sharing. Enhance your QR code by incorporating frames or call-outs using Free QR Code Generator's free image resources. The design possibilities are limitless.

Unlock QR Code Potential

QR codes are versatile tools in mobile marketing, signage, brochures, and more. Use them to direct traffic to your website or to collect valuable feedback and payments. Unleash your creativity by leveraging Free QR Code Generator's templates and images to craft catalog and contact pages. Make it effortless for clients to access your support phone number or address for messaging or in-person interaction. Don't limit yourself to text; the potential to create captivating visuals for both print and digital applications is boundless. Once you integrate QR codes into your business, you'll discover countless innovative uses and applications.

Create Custom QR Codes Easily

Looking to link customers to your websites, landing pages, latest products, exclusive offers, or social media profiles? It's a breeze! Free QR Code Generator's QR code creator simplifies the process for websites, social media, business cards, and product promotions. No technical expertise required.

No Expiration Date

The best part?
Your QR codes will never expire. Free QR Code Generator's free QR code generator empowers you to tailor stunning QR codes that captivate and engage your audience year-round. Just input your desired content—whether it's URLs, contact information, or text—and keep it accessible for as long as you need. Once you're satisfied, download your unique QR code in high-quality PNG, JPEG, or PDF formats and share them as desired.

Cross-device Customization

Own a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer?
Free QR Code Generator ensures compatibility, allowing you to create QR codes effortlessly anywhere, anytime, on your preferred device—all for free. Explore thousands of professionally designed QR code templates in Free QR Code Generator's free QR code maker app. Alternatively, tailor your QR codes to align with your distinct personal or business needs.

Unlock Visual Appeal

Customizeable, Desired Color Combinations & Design
Enhance your QR code's visual appeal using the online editor. Generate a color palette that complements your design or add custom frames for immediate recognition. Want to incorporate your brand logo? Feel free to do so! Employ the drag-and-drop editor to upload your logo and create a standout QR code. Regardless of whether you're an entrepreneur, blogger, freelancer, or creative professional, Free QR Code Generator empowers you to leave a lasting impression in the online world.